High Quality 2-Ply and Sketch Wood Veneer Faces
A leader in the wood veneer face industry for over 75 years

Our furniture faces range from plain to upscale veneer combination faces used in sketch tops, drawer fronts & modesty panels with the importance being veneer selection for the repeatable look & quality craftsmanship.
We produce handcrafted fine residential furniture faces with an emphasis on repeating the same look & quality, cutting after cutting, so that the piece tells the same story today as it did 40 years ago.
We often produce panels that are laid out and cut to produce a sequenced match throughout a room, an entry or hallway, elevator cabs or perhaps an entire building or home. We will work with the designer to assist in the selection of the proper species & match to fit the requirement, or process supplied veneers to given specifications as well as many other variations in between.
We produce faces that are made into various forms of curved plywood. Everything from intricate inlaid sketch faces that require a third ply to facilitate pre-sanding prior to being pressed to the curved surface, to simple faces with unidirectional under ply that are capable of withstanding the most demanding of applications.
We produce 2 & 3-ply custom faces to specification for high end home & kitchen manufacturers. These jobs require our expertise in both selection for sequence matching as well as intricate programming, laser cutting & assembly techniques in order to provide the quality & craftsmanship expected from their customers.
We use natural & dyed veneers to produce likenesses of custom logos to be added to table tops, wall panels, doors, podiums, etc. We import your artwork from a variety of mediums in order to program, laser cut & reproduce the desired logo with accuracy & detail.
We produce door skins in both single & 2-ply to fit the customer's requirements. Whether it is a single species, similar or sequenced matched series of faces, or a complex multi species custom, one of a kind, laser cut face, we have the experience & expertise to meet your needs.

Established 1936 - E.M. Cummings Veneers

We pride ourselves in producing a high-quality product! Our customers vary in size from national furniture manufacturers, to custom furniture shops. We also offer laser cutting of sketch faces which allows us to produce intricate designs and maintain tight tolerances for large or small production runs.

E. M. Cummings Veneers, Inc, was founded in New Albany, Indiana in 1936 after E. M. Cummings developed glue size, a veneer treatment process, that would give Crotch Mahogany the stability and flexibility required to match and cut the material while still maintaining the integrity of the piece.

Along with the development of this process, Rohm & Haas developed Tego Glue. With these two advancements in hand, E. M. Cummings was able to offer his customers a product that would not check or move; a thin flexible panel named 2-Ply. Interestingly, both of these processes were revolutionary for their time and remain today the best way to handle difficult or fragile species of wood.


Customer Service

Customer Service is the cornerstone of E. M. Cummings Veneers, Inc. We know that you need your order on time and we also understand that maintaining a high level of customer service is what keeps our customers coming back! If you ever have a problem with your order, we will do whatever possible to make it right. We know that there is more to business than just products!

Our open-door policy allows you access to all of the people involved in the production of your order. If you are not happy with the answer you receive, our President is available to assist you in resolving the issue.

We believe that communication is a key factor in every order we receive. We will customize our order process to fit the needs of your company. We return phone calls and listen to our customers to meet their expectations.

Our People

Our people are our most valuable asset. Many of our employees have been with us for 20-30 years! Their years of learned craftsmanship show in our products. Many of our long time employees have continued their legacy and have been joined by their children as members of the E. M. Cummings team. Treating people with respect and having pride in the product that they produce sets us apart in the industry.

Our Product

We take wood veneer & make pictures that tell a story, from a simple plain one specie face, to the most intricately designed multispecies face - from volume manufacturers to the specialty one of a kind shop. If you have an idea requiring wood veneer, we have the expertise to match you up with the ideal wood veneer product.

Quality is timeless. We produced quality products in 1936 and we continue that tradition today! Our products have been used for over 75 years by customers who require nothing less than the best.


Quality. Period.

Many of our employees have over 20 years with us, and they understand the varied needs of our customers. Our production process involves individual attention to each piece to ensure that your order is received exactly as you ordered it.

Who are our customers?

  • Residential Furniture Manufacturers
  • Commercial Furniture Manufacturers
  • Door Manufacturers
  • Plywood Manufacturers
  • OEM Manufacturers
  • Specialty Curved Plywood Manufacturers
  • Store Fixture Manufacturers
  • Custom Cabinet/Furniture Shops

Our products are used in:

  • Furniture
  • Yacht/Boating
  • Automotive
  • Doors/Panels
  • Aerospace
  • Musical Instruments
  • Custom Home & Kitchen Cabinets
  • Office & Home Paneling
  • Architectural Layouts for Doors & Walls
  • Items Requiring Custom Logos
  • Hotel/Motel/Hospitality
  • Courthouses/Libraries
  • Community Centers/etc.
  • Caskets & Related Products

How can we help you?

601 E 4th St
New Albany, IN 47150
ph: 812.944.2269
fax: 812.944.0212

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